Mountain Top Computer Shop
PO Box 918 Windham, NY 12496

Onsite Service to the Catskill Mountains Region
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Mountaintop Computer Shop Inc. offers a wide range of computer services, which includes the service, repair, troubleshooting, installations, upgrading, and maintenance of PC computers. These computers can either be "stand alone"
(a single system) or on a network. Our rates are extremely competitive and below the local average.

Our network specialists work on a wide variety of networks ranging from two home computers networked to share printers or files or the challenges of large school or business networks. We work on Novel, Windows NT, UNIX and pier-to-pier Windows NT, 95, 98 and 3.11 networks. We can also set-up and connect your home, office or school to the Internet. We are your source for installing, maintaining, administrating, wiring and upgrading you small to large network.

Level 1 Tech: Upgrades, Data Entry, Support Routing.
Level 2 Tech: PC Diagnostics, Hardware Troubleshooting.
Level 3 Tech: PC Repair , Level 1 Training, Network Setup. Web Development.
Level 4 Tech: Programming, Consulting, Site Survey, Computer & Networking Security. SEO Specialist.